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  • Newspaper Board Packet 400
  • Administration 200

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  • English 11 - American Literature

  • Welcome to Vincennes University Engl101!
  • big grinWelcome to English 9!
  • Anatomy and Physiology is a class highly recommended for any student who wants to prepare for college, especially in the field of science.  This class requires the students to have completed Biology, and Chemistry.  It is recommended that students also take Chemistry 2.  This class teaches, in a college setting, most aspects of anatomy including orientation, body sytems, multiple dissections (including fetal pigs), and delves into careers in medicine.  The assignments are challenging and rewarding, the exams are college level and the dissections are informative and fun.  This is a great class for all college bound students but is limited in size and focused on students who want an advantage in college in the sciences.  Anatomy is a weighted class.
  • Human Body Systems is the class to take following PBS.  It is generally offered to Juniors who have already completed Biology, Chemistry 1,and PBS.  HBS is a great class for college bound students who want to excel in any medical field.  The class focuses on diagnoses, treatment and prognosis of some diseases, includes multiple labs, research and group presentations.  Students also build body systems with clay on skeletons, build models of receptor sites, dissect many body parts, and investigate the profession of choice. 
  • PBS is a class offered through PLTW.  It is a hands-on class that is limited to 20 students.  The class focuses on Body Systems and how they work in in humans.  There are numerous labs, no text book and very few exams.  The class requires the students to solve problems as a team and make group presentations.  This class should be taken by students interested in any medical field.  Prerequisites include an A in Biology and taking chemistry concurrently.
  • Biology is a required course for all High school students.  It is a comprehensive class which studies all aspects of life.  Biology is the study of life.  The year culminates in the Indiana ISTEP exam for biology.
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  • Administration 200

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